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Meet the lecturers: Fabio Arico


Dr Fabio Arico is the focus of the second in our Q&A series…

Can you tell us a little bit about your background and main interests in economics?

I took my BSc in Business and Economics at the University of Pavia, my hometown in Italy. After that I decided to move to the UK, and I studied for my MSc and PhD in Economics at the University of Warwick. My PhD research tackled the relationship between technological change, the distribution of skills in the labour force, and unemployment. Later on, I focussed more on Labour Market issues, so I would class myself more as a labour economist nowadays. My current interests are on the edge between Labour Economics and Higher Education research. I am interested in several issues, such as how we can facilitate access to HE for students coming from disadvantaged background, as well as: student learning, student satisfaction…

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