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Peer-Instruction Unveiled: Measuring Self-Assessment Skills and Learning Gains in a Large Flipped Learning Environment

This is new research that I will present at the SRHE New Researcher Conference 2014.
The students in the pictures are from my 1st Year Introductory Economics class. Thanks to all of them for helping making this poster so nice. The merit is all theirs.

TurningTekky! TurningTechnologies Conference

I attended the TurningTechnology Users Conference held in Manchester on 22 September 2014. My first time at this kind of events.

I have been tweeting a lot (as usual):

These resources were made available from TurningTechnologies:

I enjoyed the event overall and I would definitely recommend it. However, I think this conference would be even more beneficial to new comers (rather than “users”) to the world of Student Response Systems.

The keynote by Eric Mazur was excellent. (I would have not expected any less!).

He also suggested to link to resources on Peer Instruction techniques: the peer instruction network.

TurningTechnologies have other interesting online resources for Student Response Systems users, available from the following links:

Finally, of course there is my own resource and contact page, linked to the HEA Project that I am developing on fostering Academic Self-Efficacy with the aid of Student Response Systems.